Mathieu Ferry

Mathieu Ferry

Postdoctoral researcher



I am a sociologist, and currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the French Institute for Demographic Studies (Ined). I defended my dissertation at Sciences Po in September 2021. My research interests are in the study of social stratification, class and educational mobility, and lifestyle segmentation.

In my PhD dissertation, I investigated food-related caste and religious social dynamics of status, integration and stigmatization in contemporary India. In my current research, I study how caste and religion shape intergenerational class trajectories in a context of growing economic inequality and educational expansion. Along with the 3GEN team, I also investigate the patterns and mechanisms of social mobility among migrant families in France.

Methodologically, I use a combination of exploratory statistical tools (geometric data analysis), statistical modeling, and in-depth interviewing. In the case of quantitative data, I mainly use statistical surveys, including large harmonized data sets (IPUMS and DHS). I am also actively interested in the use of web harvested data for social sciences.

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Peer-reviewed articles

(2020). What’s India’s Beef with Meat?. In Sociological Forum.


(2018). Heirs, corporate aristocrats and ‘Meritocrats’. In Socio-Economic Review.

PDF DOI French version in Entreprises et Histoire

(2018). Seeking the Indian Social Space. In South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal.


(2017). When Cracking the JEE is not Enough. In South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal.